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Mark Kajima

Grownex USA
New York, NY
After being involved in the international consulting industry for 8 years assisting companies to export and expand outside of Japan, Mark has has joined D-Glatt in March of 2015.  He fell in love with the global vision of the company, as well as the futuristic concept of Indoor Vertical Farming.  In the past 6 months he has been advising D-Glatt the global concept, as well as being involved in product development and how to create products that can be accepted globally.  Most of all, he shares the same opinion with CEO Masao Yoshida that Vertical Farming is indeed the future of farming and food production.  He will share the product of D-Glatt at Ag Week, and most of all, the global concept of the company.
Monday, September 19

8:30am EDT

Tuesday, September 20

9:00am EDT

10:00am EDT

1:30pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

Wednesday, September 21

3:00pm EDT

5:00pm EDT

Thursday, September 22

10:00am EDT

4:30pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

Saturday, September 24

11:00am EDT

2:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT